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In de voetsporen van Gandhi

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A pictorial impression of Doctor Rao’s Ayurvedic Hospital

Mrs. Prabha, the friendly lady doctor.

Garden hall with treatment rooms.

An ayurvedic student interviews a patient.

Impression of the “Pancha Karma” treatments:

Ayurvedic massage with medicated oils.

Moordhanyam - Siro Dhara
(Application of medicated fluids in a stream to the head)
The fluid will be selected according to the patients problem.
Indications: psycho neuroses, early insanity, epilepsy, hysteria, hemiplegia, pyknolepsy, facial paralysis, some diseases of the head, some eye diseases, some ear diseases, maxillary sinusitis, maxillary hypertrophic rhinitis, Parkinsonian syndrome, peripheral neuritis, thrombosis, spastic paraplegia, neurasthenia, neuralgia, muscular paralyses etc.

Mind becomes relaxed and stable. Body gets strengthened. Memory and IQ improves. Voice becomes melodious. Skin becomes smoother. Eye disorders get reduced
Diseases pertaining to sukra(sperm), Artavam (fluids concerned with menstruation) and hormones will be reduced Blood gets nourished Sleep improves. Aging is reduced.


Siro Vasti
(Keeping a certain column of medicated sesam in
contact with the scalp for a prescribed period)

Indications: Almost all vata disorders of the head especially in severe headaches and hemicrania, migraine, deafness, earache, tinnitis. Vata type of eye diseases, insomnia, giddiness, dryness of mounth and nose. Facial paralysis, some cases of hemiplegia and all diseases of cerebral nerves and blood vessels.

Nasal treatment

Kaya Sekam
(Pouring of medicated oil on tbe whole body followed by light massage)
Indications: All vata rogas. sosham (fatigue). hemiplegia. skin diseases. stiffness of muscles and joints. loss of sensation and cramps in parts. tumore. tuberculoses

Benefits: Removes tbe cbanges of old age, fatigue and increase in vata, gives strengtb and vitality. Improves eye sight Prolongs life. Makes skin soft and supple. Induces sleep. Promotes nutrition. Healthy persons also can undergo the procedure every year to prevent diseases
and reduce aging.

Purification with herbal smoke

(Keeping of medicated oil or decoction on the kati region with the help of Masha Pishti for certain period)

Indications: Back ache, thoracic pain, cervical spondylosis, lubar, spondylitis, protrnsion of intravertebral disc, ankylosing spondylitis. Sciatica.

Pinda Sweda
(Massage with puddings of cooked medicine and grains)
Massage with boiled medicated rice or some other grains along with medicated warm oils, in the forming of bundles.

Indications: Paralysis. Monoplegia. paraplegia. polio. emaciation, fatigue, muscular pains, osteo arthritis, pain and stiffness in joints, Restricted joint movements. Chronic rheumatism, neuvalgia, peptic ulcers, certain skin diseases.

Siro Lepa
(Application of medicated paste on the scalp)
Indication: Diseases of the head. falling of hair. grey hair. headache. burning sensation. Skin diseases of the head. alopecia, diseases of eye, ear, nose skin and hair, weakness, mentalfaculties, giddiness, loss of memory, insomnia and insanity. It is mainly used in vata types of disorders.

Effects: Improves eye sight, relieves emptiness of head, sharpens the five senses, refreshes the memory, produces clearness of the brain and eyes, induces sound sleep, bestows a pleasing appearance, strengthens the skin and roots of hair, removes burning sensation and pruritus. psychic disorders will be cured.

The man who loves to serve you: Doctor Rao

For more information about Doctor Rao's hospital, visit


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