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A pictorial journey through Old Tibet

Troupe of comedians (1921)

Painter of tanka's (1937)

Clairvoyant explains to Cabinet Ministers (1942)

Nuns at the nunnery of Tatsang (1903)

Monks at Palkhor Chode monastery (1938)

Potala Palace (1930)

Dancers (1943)

Travelers loading coracles at Kongka, for ferrying across the Tsangchu (1938)


Lama's on their way to a ceremony (1943)

Monks at Tashilhunpo monastery (1949)

Cantilever bridge over tributary of Tsangchu River at Rong Dzong (1938)

Beggars on the way to Lhasa (1930)

Chakzam Drukha ferry crossing on the Tsangchu (1904)


copyright Martin van der Velde 2007